The Ministry of Information issued administrative decisions to cancel the licenses of 50 electronic newspapers.

The administrative decisions, according to a local Arabic daily, stated that this came in implementation of the law regulating electronic media and in accordance with the decisions, the reasons for cancellation varied in application of Articles 14 and 16 of the Electronic Media Law, which included that the cancellation of licenses is for the following reasons:

* Every lease of the license is void, and it may not be sold or ceded without obtaining a prior approval from the Ministry. The buyer or the assignee must meet the conditions prescribed in this law for the issuance of the license or to another person if the legally prescribed conditions are met.

* If the licensee is a legal person, and his legal personality lapses for any of the legally prescribed reasons.

* If the licensee loses any of the conditions mentioned in Article (8) of this law.

* If the position of the responsible manager becomes vacant, or if the appointed manager loses one of the conditions that it must meet, and the licensee has not appointed a replacement who meets the prescribed conditions within the period specified in Article (10) of this law.

* If the licensee leases the license.

* If the licensee sells or assigns the license without the approval of the Ministry.

* If the licensee does not carry out the licensed activity within the period stipulated in Article (13) of this law.

* If the license period expires without a request to renew it within six months from the date of its expiry.

* If the licensee dies without having a legal heir, or if the heirs have not transferred the license within the period specified in Article (14).

In other than the previous cases, the license may not be canceled except by an enforceable court ruling or upon a written request from the licensee.

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