The Ministry of Health says it attaches the utmost importance to providing medicines and for this purpose it has adopted a specific methodology to overcome the challenges imposed by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and the consequent impact on global production operations, the closure of some factories and the apology of some companies due to sovereign decisions to prevent the export of some of these medicines in the countries if manufacture, in addition to being affected by geopolitical events.

This came in response to what was published recently by a local Arabic daily about shortage of cancer drugs and others. In this regard, the Ministry clarified that the methodology that it adopted to overcome these challenges includes providing identical alternatives for each unavailable drug, as the alternative contains the same composition and active substance, concentration, quality and safety standards, stressing that all alternative medicines are available for any drug in which there is a global shortage in production or supply.

The ministry indicated that among the most prominent axes of this methodology is also coordination with health offices abroad when there is a need to provide some medicines that cannot be provided through some local companies, and also that the ministry has paid special attention to working to speed up the documentary cycle.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that health facilities are provided with their requirements of medicines according to their request and need, stressing that the strategic stock of various medicines and medical preparations is safe.

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