The field inspection teams formed by the Ministry of Social Affairs to monitor the charity activities during the holy month said the teams came across a big number of illegal in-kind collection ‘kiosks’ for worn-out clothes in some areas of the country, which has become a widespread phenomenon during Ramadan.

According to a local Arabic daily, the Ministry of Social Affairs in coordination with the Kuwait Municipality has removed these booths which are widespread in the Jahra Governorate, stressing that these booths do not belong to any approved charity and pose a threat to charity work, and opens the door wide for intruders and weak-minded people, who collect donations in kind and cash in different ways, away from the watchful eyes of the Ministry officials.

The sources said the Ministry has been suffering from this problem over the years, and this is what prompted it to form an inspection team entrusted with following up such violating booths and removing them immediately, in cooperation with the Kuwait Municipality, based on Resolution 190/2008, which prohibits placing any facility in open areas, or on the sidewalks.

The daily pointed out despite several warning some people disregard the ministry instructions and violate the laws. The sources said the teams are in no mood for leniency and are determined to put an end to such practices by daily follow-up of communication sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) and other sites to track advertisements calling for collecting donations.

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