The Minister of Commerce and Industry and the Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Fahd Mutlaq Al-Shariaan, after introducing reforms in about 48 cooperative societies is now preparing to “issue a new package of decisions requiring administrative adjustments in 7 or 8 cooperatives in the coming days.”

A local Arabic daily said, “a specialized committee is working to review the work of coops and provide perceptions regarding the administrative position of each of them according to the requirements of the public interest, whereby detailed reports are to be submitted regarding the practices observed within a maximum of 15 working days.”

The sources pointed out that “subjecting cooperative societies to internationally recognized governance and regulatory and financial standards is extremely important to advance the sector and put it on the path of true competitiveness,” noting that “the coming period should witness the launch of an entity whose primary task is to manage appointments and not leave the matter to jurisprudence in selection, promotions and what is In addition to administrative procedures.

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