The Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior, in partnership with the Kuwait Municipality and the Ministries of Health and Commerce, led a campaign aimed at confronting violators in the labor sector. During the campaign, the tripartite committee arrested at least 711 residency and labor law violators within the month of October, an Arab daily reported.

PAM’s head of inspection team, Muhammad Al-Dhafiri, confirmed that the latest campaign resulted in the arrest of 32 violators in the public markets in the Farwaniya and Dajeej areas last Saturday. The official added that most of the violations were residency holders of Article 18 who were caught working in other places, in addition to three domestic workers and two working under family residency. Al-Dhafiri pointed out that twelve notices were registered in accordance with Article 10 of the Labor Law to avoid violations of commercial establishments.

He stated that the authority carries out daily campaigns on violating facilities and commercial complexes, under the direct supervision of its commissioned director, Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Residence Investigations.

In this regard, the October statistics showed 450 residency and labor law violators who were arrested. These violators were working under fictitious domestic worker residencies, in addition to another category that sold unlicensed medicines or unauthorized practice of medicine. The inspection campaigns also targeted workers who violated public morals and did not abide by labor regulations in massage institutes. At least 25 Asian expats were arrested and transferred to the deportation prison in the latter category. Moreover, residents working in unlicensed mobile groceries were also monitored, in which 12 residents were arrested, and another 24 violators working in the fish market. Legal actions were taken against the violators.

Furthermore, the General Administration of Residency Affairs deported 783 violators who were arrested in various joint inspection campaigns with PAM.

On the other hand, PAM announced today the launch of the “right of access” service for the worker, the employer and the authority’s employee, through electronic forms portal on the authority’s website. The services to obtain the related documents will require some fee, but access to the information is free of charge.

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