An official source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs has voiced Kuwait’s dismay and condemnation of the Filipino foreign affairs secretary’s remark about a case of a Filipino national. According to reports circulated by media and social networking sites, the Filipino secretary has recently said he will not accept anything other than the lives of those who committed the crime against the demised Filipino national in Kuwait.

The remark contained an unacceptable transgression against jurisdictions of Kuwaiti security and judicial authorities, the official source said, describing the statement as an unusual approach in dealing with countries. It runs counter to the simplest rules of international relations, the source lamented. The source also noted the Filipino secretary’s remark represents an attempt to influence the ongoing investigations.

Kuwait is known for its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all who live on its soil and punishing law violators in accordance with the provisions of the country’s laws and in a manner that guarantees the rule of law and justice for all, added the foreign ministry source. The source also lauded the measures taken by Kuwaiti relevant bodies on this case. They have quickly arrested those who committed the crime and referred them to a fair judiciary, the source clarified. Kuwait has also informed the Philippines authorities of its readiness to receive a Filipino security team to get acquainted with the measures taken on the case and the latest updates of the investigations.

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