The Ministry of Trade and Industry confirmed with sources that it had approved strict measures to prevent tampering with domestic labour contracts by allowing employers to select their preferred methods when buying air tickets for their household service workers hired through recruitment agencies under the newly-regulated fees. This move was done in response to inquiries about the value and purchasing of plane tickets for domestic labour hires, which according to the new regulations, does not obligate employers to pay the value of the air fare to the recruitment offices. Instead, the employers can now book the ticket as per their needs and preferences and then hand it over to the office.

It should be noted that the ministry announced in a decision that the new contract fees represent the maximum recruitment limit and exclude the travel ticket, giving employers the opportunity to determine their chosen budget. The decision aims to establish the contract and prevent manipulation of the costs by some offices or raise the ticket’s value based on seasonal pricing. Officials advised employers to make payments through Knet instead of paying in cash at the offices. Complaints can be filed against offices that refuse to abide by the regulation through the ministry’s official social media channels.

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