Minister of Social Affairs, Family Affairs, and Childhood Sheikh Firas Al-Sabah emphasized the Kuwaiti government and the people’s determination to combat drugs, eradicate their harmful effects, and safeguard the nation’s youth from these social threats, Alrai Media reported. During the inaugural social scientific forum organized by the Department of Juvenile Welfare, under the theme “Towards a safe society away from drugs,” Al-Sabah emphasized the importance of collaboration and dedicated efforts to counter schemes aimed at the youth, as well as combat corruption, ensure accountability, and minimize societal harm.

The ministry expressed eagerness to arrange informative lectures about the perils of drugs, particularly for young offenders, while partnering with the Ministry of Education to educate the youth and encourage them to steer clear of harmful substances.

Al-Sabah called for concerted efforts to address the issue from all aspects, and for cooperation with all government agencies, including the Ministries of Interior and Justice, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministries of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Information. He added that tackling the issue of drug abuse necessitates a comprehensive approach, which entails raising awareness about its dangers and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject. Furthermore, it requires providing assistance and support to those who have overcome addiction.

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