The Minister of Works and Minister of Electricity and Water Dr. Amani Bouqmaz held a meeting yesterday with the Rains Committee, in the presence of 15 government agencies, to discuss the country’s preparations for the rainy season.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily that Minister Bouqmaz listened to the vision of the various participating government agencies, during the first meeting that she attended with the committee. During the meeting the focus was on ensuring the effectiveness of the solutions developed in the past and the percentage of achievement, and confirming their implementation in accordance with what was previously agreed upon.

She also stressed on the importance of having alternative plans to the plan currently in place to deal with emergency situations during the rainy season, with the importance of raising the state of alert in all relevant sectors and authorities.

During the meeting it was disclosed the preparations since last July through concentrated on maintenance of the rain drainage system and cleaning water drainage lines and assessing its readiness, saying nearly 95% of the work has been completed in the Capital Governorate and 85% in the Jahra and Ahmadi governorates and Mubarak Al-Kabeer 60%.

She pointed out that what is hindering the cleaning of rain sewers is plants roots especially in critical areas such as Al-Bidaa, Abu Al-Hasaniya, Al-Manqaf and Bneid Al-Gar areas, and proposed a permanent solution by pressing into service suction pumps.

The committee called for the necessity of preparing the water tanks in the residential such as Al-Wafra and the residential city of Sabah Al-Ahmad to gather rain water and emptying them as when needed, maintaining the earthen berm to avoid the accumulation of waste, and called on the Kuwait Municipality to remove garbage and tree pruning remnants three hours before the monsoon period to avoid clogging the manholes.

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