As part of a series of reform decisions pursued by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, he ordered the abolition of security restrictions on citizens, in a move that was welcomed by the parliament and the people, as it confirms Al-Khaled’s keenness and interest in solving citizens’ problems.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that the decision comes “to strengthen the process of correcting the path, support freedom of expression, and consolidate the rule of law that guarantees the rights of citizenship.”

This comes in compliance with Article 36 of the Constitution, which states: “Freedom of opinion is guaranteed, and every person has the right to express his opinion and publish it verbally or in writing or otherwise, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by law.”

Al-Khaled thanked the political leadership for its blessing, guidance, and support for the steps to correct the course, while the Ministry of the Interior stressed the “cancellation of any requirements or reservations that would diminish the rights of citizens, with the need to adhere to all procedures related to final judicial rulings.”

The ministry stressed “confidence in the citizens’ exercise of responsible freedom, which is compatible with the public interest and the security and stability of Kuwait in accordance with the provisions of the law and the constitution.”

The deputies praised Al-Khaled’s move, considering it a gesture that enhances confidence in the Ministry of Interior and those in charge of it, and confirms Al-Khaled’s interest in citizens and his keenness to solve their problems.

Representative Issa Al-Kandari said: “We commend and appreciate the step and measure taken by Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to cancel the security reservations on citizens that diminish and destroy their rights.

“May God bless your efforts with to forming a committee that will follow up on the progress of the procedures and receive grievances to ensure correcting the path,” he saud, while MP Dr. Muhammad Al-Muhan considered it “a gesture that strengthens our confidence in the Ministry of Interior and those in charge of it.”

For his part, MP Dr. Abdul-Karim Al-Kandari said: “A step appreciated” adding “a security restriction has no basis in the law and violates the presumption of innocence. Every person is innocent until proven guilty. We thank the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled.”

MP Fares Al-Otaibi thanked the Minister of Interior for his generous initiative to abolish security restrictions on Kuwaitis, “and this confirms his keenness and interest in solving citizens’ problems.”

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