Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed has issued a decision to establish a Crisis Management Center to offset the repercussion of major natural or man-made calamities.

A local Arabic daily said this is done through the integration and coordination between the various sectors of the Ministry, saying the Center will be equipped and provided with the state-of-the-art technologies, administratively and technically and will be followed by the management of the Minister’s office. The decision has assigned Abdullah Al-Kandari to carry out the tasks as the head of the center.

The statement added the database of the center will provide senior officials and decision-makers an insight of what is happening around the world to help them take precautionary measures in a systematic manner according to the analysis of the existing situation to confront the crisis as quickly as possible and with the least effort and a percentage of losses.

He explained that the establishment of the center comes within the framework of the ministry’s interest in developing a system equipped to manage crises and reduce their risks and repercussions to ensure monitoring of the implementation of health emergency plans in case of crises such as major fires, floods, earthquakes or epidemics.

The center is also a link to deal positively and quickly with emergency events, as it will work around the clock, all days of the year, in addition to monitoring the situation in all hospitals in the country.

Health sources pointed to the application of the latest technologies through the visual link between the Crisis Management Operations Center, ambulances and hospital emergency departments, and directing field teams to carry out their necessary tasks according to the highest standards, estimating the appropriate needs and providing them according to the best ways.

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