Decision by the Council of Ministers to establish a one-million square meter amusement park in Al-Wafra area has won acclaim from the public in a country that has not witnessed any major initiatives in tourism infrastructure development for ages.

In what is being billed as the largest recreational park in the country, the Al-Wafra amusement park is expected to provide a wide range of entertainment and gaming facilities for the public, including recreational centers, sports activities, restaurants, restrooms, and an animal and fish reproduction area.

Authorities are said to be keen to speed up the completion of the project as it would serve not only as a recreational outlet for families, but also help in the comprehensive development of the area. At present, Al-Wafra is largely an agricultural area with a few residential areas. People in the area are pinning their hopes on the new government to see the project through without delay or disruptions, unlike in the past.

There was no dearth of suggestions on what the government should do to further develop the area. A farm owner in Wafra believes that parks are useful for citizens, and that they will reap good financial returns for the country if it is turned into an integrated service area that serves all people of the governorate. Meanwhile, another citizen demanded the immediate completion of the park, along with an integrated zoo, as well as the construction of large commercial complexes and markets to meet all the needs of the region’s residents.

Other countries have already established such vital projects, and within a relatively short period of time, said one citizen, adding that the project is vital in serving Kuwait as a whole. He is hoping that such a project, along with other developmental projects, will also be completed in the Abdali farms in the northern region of the country.

Another resident of the area said that the project will be one of the vital areas in Kuwait that provides food security from vegetables, meat, animal and poultry products. He hoped that on completion of the project, existing stores will be distributed to the citizens who can use it to provide innovative services to visitors and thereby further benefit from the developments in the area.

People also called for developing other projects next to the park, such as an entertainment city, as Wafra constitutes a large segment of citizens. While previously it was predominantly a farming area, now the situation has changed as Al-Wafra is in close proximity to five residential areas. Residents here would also like the construction of a vegetable market, as well as other diversified economic, tourism, recreational and agricultural development projects in the area,

Several citizens hoped the project would lead to more attention being given to Wafra, especially on cleanliness, and for the Ministry of Works to amend dilapidated roads and maintain them well. They are asking the Ministry of Interior to provide sufficient patrols, especially in the evening, to maintain security and prevent quarrels, thefts and other security problems.

A recreational park in Al-Wafra appears at least on paper to be a good development project. During springtime, expats, members of diplomatic corps and several communities visit Al Wafra to witness the agricultural abundance and make purchases of greenery, particularly given the cheap prices of seedlings, palm trees and other crops and plants. Many citizens have also made parks in their own farms and paid huge sums of money to develop them, but during feasts and official holidays, these parks cannot cope with the rush of people and meet the needs of visitors.

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