As part of its consumption rationalization policy, the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy is studying 6 tenders which have been submitted by specialized technical companies to replace street lighting with LED light poles in different areas of Kuwait.

The ministry said it has conducted many studies related to rationalizing consumption, including tenders to replace street lighting sodium bulbs with LED bulbs, after the latter proved its strength and longevity, in addition to the efficiency it provides in street lighting, coinciding with saving the energy it consumes, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources explained that the efficiency of these lamps was studied after they were installed in some areas such as Al-Raqqa and Hadiya, and it was found they have the ability to save about 70 percent of the energy consumption consumed by sodium lamps, which prompted the Ministry to be keen to complete projects to replace incandescent lighting in various governorates with LED.

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