The Ministry of Electricity and Water and Renewable Energy will, during the next five months, operate 16 main power transformers in various sectors in the Al-Mutla’a area, in coordination with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare.

The sources told Al-Rai daily, “The Transport Networks Sector will, during February, operate 5 main power transmission stations in Al-Mutla’a, 3 in sector N5 and two in sector N11 – N12,” indicating that the first station will be operated on February 6, to be followed by the operation of the second and third stations on February 13, then the fourth station on February 15, and finally the fifth station on February 20.

This is in addition to “three stations that will be operated next March in sectors N5 and N12, in addition to operating one station in April in sector N11.

The ministry will also operate 5 stations in May in N3 – N10 – N6 – N7 – N8 sectors, and two units will be put into operation in the month of June in sectors N4 – N9.

Meanwhile, at the end of last week, the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy signed a contract with the executing contractor of the southern Khaitan project to build the infrastructure and deliver electricity to the citizens’ plots.

Informed sources in the ministry told Al-Rai that “the contract that was signed takes 36 months to be implemented, and includes the construction of secondary transmission stations from cable extensions for the medium and low pressure networks, as well as works related to delivering current to citizens’ vouchers,” indicating the ministry’s keenness to implement Works at the required speed, according to the schedule, without delay.

The sources indicated that the ministry will coordinate with the contractor to conduct field studies to find out the highest rate of construction rates in plots 3 and 4 to establish power stations and lay cables at one time, according to the rate of the highest construction rate, so that the ministry delivers the current to the owners of the plots.

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