The Minister of Public Works, M. Ali Al-Mousa, the application of the Key Performance Indicators system (KPIs) to measure the performance of senior officials and supervisors when implementing the annual operational plan and base the evaluation reports on that performance.

The decision, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, obliges all sectors and their organizational units to prepare a special annual operational plan for the implementation of what is related to the Ministry’s strategic plan 2035 and to define their main measurement indicators.

Informed sources in the ministry said that the aim of the decision is to follow up and measure the performance of the senior officials in the ministry, and to identify the level of implementation of the plans and the various development projects and increase the pace of achievement.

The sources stated that the step also aims to ensure the accurate implementation of infrastructure projects, address the observations of supervisory authorities and citizens’ complaints, and develop everything related to budget and revenues, in addition to qualifying employees and providing them with the necessary expertise to implement the annual operational plan.

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