The Ministry of Electricity and Water expected services that would allow construction of plots that would cover about four years in Dajeej, south of Khaitan. In a letter to the municipality, the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Electricity Distribution Networks, Saad Al-Rashidi, mentioned that the ministry requires four years to put up the main transfer station after determining the location of the station and obstacle-free feeding paths from the competent authority after providing the budget item for spending on its construction.

Al-Rashidi mentioned that the unapproved 2022-2023 budget included the main transfer station in the region so it was reallocated to the 2023-2024 budgets instead, and after adopting the current item. In addition, the ministry needs a year-long offering period, as well as a two-year period work implementation, while noting that the architectural plans of the station will be provided to the municipality later after the contract signing.

On the other hand, MEW requested the municipality to allocate a 1,000 square meters site to construct a building that would serve citizens in Farwaniya Governorate. According to the Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Services and Major Concerns, the building will include the electrical distribution networks sector, water operation and maintenance, and accounts management, noting that the employees exceed 300, and the daily auditors are about 200. Al-Rashidi stressed that the site allocation is a vital project that falls within the ministry’s development plan, among other projects, as it aims to easily and immediately provide the needs of citizens.

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