The Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy has confirmed that the damaged water pipe on the Fifth Ring Road is currently undergoing repairs to prevent any further water leakage. This effort is being conducted in close coordination with the General Traffic Department, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

The ministry further clarifies that the recent explosion of the pipe has had no impact on the water network or the water pressure reaching the nearby residential areas surrounding the Fifth Ring Road. Addressing concerns about the incident, the ministry emphasized that water pipe explosions during the winter season are commonly expected due to weaknesses in certain areas.

However, the ministry’s emergency response teams are extensively trained to efficiently handle such incidents in the fastest possible manner. Ensuring the safety and uninterrupted water supply for residents is of utmost importance to the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy.

By promptly repairing the broken pipe, the ministry aims to prevent any inconvenience caused by water leakage. Furthermore, the ministry assures the public that the incident will not have any substantial impact on the water pressure experienced in nearby residential areas.

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