The Ministry of Electricity and Water has collected a huge amount from power and water consumers in overdue bills to the tune of over 470 million dinars at the end of the fiscal year ending March 2022.

A local Arabic daily quoting MEW sources said the money collected by the ministry represents about 94% of the target amount for the same fiscal year, which is 500 million dinars. The same sources the ministry achieved this ‘historic’ target despite the repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic by activating most of the tools at the ministry’s disposal to collect dues.

The sources urged the consumers to rationalize consumption following the onset of summer, and called on private housing owners to apply for the “rationalization incentive” program and take advantage of the benefits it provided by the ministry, saying 531 clients have benefitted from the program during 2021.

The sources said the average electrical savings achieved by the beneficiaries of the program was 1.955 million kilowatts, at a rate sufficient to light 130 homes of private housing with a capacity of 400 meters for a whole month, as the average consumption of one house in private housing is estimated at 15 thousand kilowatts.

The sources added about 11 million gallons of water were saved by the beneficiaries of the “Hafiz” program during the mentioned period, at a saving rate sufficient to cover the needs of 380 buildings of private housing for a whole month, at an average consumption rate of estimated 28,000 gallons of water per month.

The sources pointed out that the ministry provided an “important advantage, starting from 2022 by not requiring full payment of the money owed by the client, to participate in the rationalization incentive program, and contentment with settling his conditions to join the program, meaning that the amount is paid in monthly installments or according to the established systems, which allows the largest possible number to participate and benefit from the program.

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