In less than 72 hours, inspectors from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry responsible for trade control seized a second factory engaged in the adulteration of various forms of meat.

Sources told the Al-Rai daily that the seizure led to the confiscation of approximately one ton of adulterated meat, which the factory was distributing to central markets, cooperative societies, and restaurants.

The sources further revealed that inspectors from the “Commercial Control” unit, acting on information suggesting that the factory was tampering with its meat before selling it to consumers, conducted an on-site inspection. It was determined that the factory was involved in commercial fraud by removing the meat from its original packaging and repackaging it with altered information in new packages, thus misleading consumers.

The Ministry of Commerce discovered the existence of an operations room within the factory that altered the meat’s information, changing it from frozen to falsely labeled “fresh,” with a new misleading label.

During the inspection, it was found that the factory had thawed frozen chicken cartons, repackaged them as “fresh,” and labeled them accordingly. Additionally, quantities of frozen (Asian) minced meat were found to have been thawed, repackaged as a fresh product.

The inspectors also noted that the violating factory was extending the expiry date of the seized goods, contrary to the truth. They discovered that the factory altered the expiry date beyond the actual dates mentioned in the original meat cartons. The factory was also found to be mixing meats retrieved from associations and markets close to expiration, repackaging them with a new expiration date extended to a year.

These ongoing campaigns will cover various sectors, with an increase in the number of observers and intensified campaign efforts.

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