Today, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry made an official announcement, revealing that it has taken precautionary measures to cease its business dealings with a commercial company. This action includes preventing the company from displaying and selling its frozen chicken products in all catering branches, with an immediate halt on the sale.

In a press release, the Ministry of Commerce emphasized its commitment to protecting consumers, stating, “We will not hesitate to utilize our full legal authority in response to any incident that poses a threat to consumers, as per our mandated responsibilities,” reports Al-Rai daily.

The ministry further explained that its actions were prompted by the circulation of a video clip on social media featuring an individual inspecting what appeared to be “spoiled frozen chicken” from a supplier to catering establishments. In accordance with established protocols, the Ministry in collaboration with the Public
Authority for Food and Nutrition — the regulatory body responsible for food inspection and safety — initiated an investigation into the matter.

The Ministry of Commerce also dispatched a team to inspect the supply center associated with one of the organizations, verifying its adherence to the standards and specifications set by the Ministry.

Upon receiving the report from PAFN, the Ministry will continue its procedures. If it is confirmed that the frozen chicken was indeed unfit for human consumption, the supplier company will be referred to the Public Prosecution for legal action.

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