Forty-eight hours before the new requirements for work become effective for workers of the home delivery sector, as of next Saturday, the question will be legitimate about whether the companies working in this sector have accomplished what the Ministry of Interior requested of them and their readiness to implement it.

It seems time was not enough for many delivery companies to abide by the requirements, as companies officials and many entrepreneurs and initiators, especially restaurant owners, demanded to extend the deadline granted to them in order to correct the conditions of their companies, especially with regard to providing drivers to meet the needs of their customers.

In this regard, sources told a local Arabic daily several requests were submitted for a meeting with Interior Ministry officials to explain the companies’ conditions and the extent to which they were affected by the decision, without success in obtaining appointments or obtaining approval to extend the grace period, which did not exceed one month only since the announcement.

For his part, the head of the Federation of Delivery Companies, Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijri, said that a large number of delivery companies will stop work with the entry of new requirements into force as of next Saturday, due to the very slow completion if transactions by official authorities such as the Kuwait Municipality and the Public Authority for Food Nutrition and others, such as obtaining health card for employees takes between 3 weeks to a month, which is one of the main obstacles facing companies.

Al-Tuwaijri said that it would have been more useful to delay the implementation of the decision until the beginning of next year, stressing that the damage will not be limited to delivery companies, but will extend to the entire society with the start of its implementation on October 1, due to the severe shortage of drivers and keenness to complete all procedures to avoid falling foul with the law.

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