Fraudulent businesses in Kuwait, whether non-existing or closed, are under fire as the Public Authority for Manpower received complaints against them and immediately took legal actions. The authority also made way for the transfer of the residencies of expat workers deceptively recruited by these companies. The expats were tricked by these companies under false recruitment then closed their files upon arrival to the country.

The Data Recording Monitor at the Inspection Department of the Manpower Authority, Bashayer Al-Mutairi, called on concerned workers to approach the authority in order to complete the legal procedures against the fraudulent employers. During the first half of the year, sources reported that at least 1,314 labour violations have been recorded over the course of 73 inspection campaigns conducted all over Kuwait by the Tripartite Committee.

Al-Mutairi said that the committee seized 600 household service workers employed in the private sector, some of whom have absconding cases. He added that 2,029 violating workers are currently facing legal actions through the efforts of the Tripartite Committee, in addition to non-compliant employers and other violations reported by the Inspection Department of Establishments.

Officials urged business owners to reactivate their facilities and update their records to give back the rights of the workers and prevent them from committing residency violations, while stressing that permanently closed businesses that continue to issue residencies will face penalties of up to KD 2000 minimum for each hire, in addition to up to 3 years jail-time. He also warned to take strict measures against sponsors violating the residency and labour laws.

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