An American man who stormed into Iraq via the Abdali border and escaped to Safwan crossing, has been handed over to the Kuwaiti security authorities.

Security sources informed Al-Anba that the American of Iraqi origin, stormed the Abdali border crossing in a rented car, driving at a crazy speed. He did not comply with military orders to stop, and continued driving until he reached the Safwan crossing. The man then turned himself in to the Iraqi security men after colliding with the security checkpoint and security patrols.

The Kuwaiti security men demanded the return of the expatriate because he had left illegally, without a permit or completing the travel procedures, which was delayed by about 3 hours during which security talks took place, and during which the Abdali port was closed to arrivals from Iraq, except for Kuwaitis and Gulf nationals, after informing officials in the Ministry of Interior.

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