A labour camp in Mahboula area housing almost 600 workers may be quarantined informed sources told The Times, Kuwait On discovery that one Indian technician who was staying at the camp was tested COVID 19 positive, the Ministry of Health has quarantined the building residents.

The camp which houses workers from a reputed engineering company will no longer be able to send workers to the sites as all of them are being tested for coronavirus.

Last week the residents of a Farwaniya building who came into contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient was also  quarantined by the ministry of health and the entire building with around 250 expatriates.

The Ministry of Interior had set up an iron fence around the building and tightened its controls with round the clock patrol for a mandatory quarantine period of 14-days.

Two security vehicles were deputed to patrol the perimeter of the building as part of the preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus in the interest of Kuwaitis and expats in the country. Presently, no one is allowed entry or exit from the building except for a medical team.

A source confirmed that the building residents are all working for a company that provided them housing in the building.

The people inside are maintaining a veneer of normalcy, and all the basic necessities are being provided. The residents receive 750 meals a day with 250 meals provided three times a day for each resident by the owner of the company who employs them.

According to the sources, Al Rai reported that those in quarantine can request whatever they want from outside whether groceries or other requests, through the home delivery. When the order reaches the building, the package is kept outside for a guard to take and deliver it to the one who requested it.

As for the building waste, it is handled differently than the traditional system as it is subjected to the coronavirus-preventative protocols from the Ministry of Health. Several containers are placed within the vicinity of the quarantine area for the waste to be collected. A cleaner is assigned to come daily to empty the containers and take its waste according to the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health

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