Little Harvard preschool was founded by Lena Nasser in the year 2012 when she opened the school’s first branch in Mishref. The preschool was established with the primary objective of getting kids engaged and interacting with one another, and imparting better behavior patterns among the children.

This was made possible with teachers and faculty members well equipped with patience, tolerance and a caring attitude that children need, and creating an atmosphere of learning and creativity.

Academic programs within Little Harvard are designed in a goal-oriented manner where kids are given tasks or mini activities ranging from good hygiene to regulating good behaviors within the students. Play times are made to utilize and develop the children’s interpersonal relationships where they are encouraged to participate in creative role plays.

The teachers and faculty members of Little Harvard understand how crucial preschool years can be to a child before entering higher grades, as 90 percent of a child’s brain develops by age 5. Within those years, experiences and relationships stimulate children’s development, creating millions of connections in their brains.

Lena Nasser in 2016 expanded the school’s operations by opening up a branch in Sadiq, thereby expanding Little Harvard’s reach and providing its services further across Kuwait.

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