The end-of-service benefits for expatriate government employees have not escaped the repercussions of the liquidity crisis that the country is suffering from, as many of those who have either resigned or have been terminated due to Kuwaitization policy have not been paid their dues for months.

Al-Qabas has learned that the Civil Service Commission (CSC), in order to solve the liquidity crisis for the disbursement of these benefits, has requested the Ministry of Finance to transfer the money to its budget following which it will distribute the money to respective government institutions after getting the Cabinet approval.

For its part, the Ministry of Finance has circulated to the government agencies the rules of the draft for 2022-2023 budget and demanded that each institution submit its estimated draft budget concerning the end-of-service benefits for expatriates, which should be included in the end-of-service compensation clause.

Informed sources said the government institutions have warned against taking this as an excuse to towards Kuwaitization, especially in light of reducing the authorities’ budget by 10%, stressing that the authorities must abide by the replacement decisions, even in light of the request of ‘Finance’ to adhere to an estimated end-of-service benefits at the beginning of the fiscal year.

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