The Public Authority for Manpower has implemented a new mechanism to prevent tampering with job titles and to curb the marginalization of workers. The mechanism checks the educational qualifications of expatriates and links them to their work permits. According to informed sources, the mechanism will verify the titles mentioned in the certificates and link them to the business titles issued to workers in the private sector. The Occupational Safety Center of the Manpower Authority will approve qualifications and academic certificates sent to them.

The sources explained that specialized titles in the financial and banking sector and jobs related to financial and administrative affairs will be directly linked to the certificates. No resident will be allowed to obtain a professional job title without obtaining a certificate in the same specialization. Furthermore, companies can use the “Easier” application to choose names of those with qualifications based on their own needs and change it based on the academic degrees of the employees working for them without contradicting the qualifications.

In addition, a report revealed that during the past year, 17,000 work permits for private sector residents had been revoked by the authority.

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