The General Administration of Customs has seized technical devices believed to be used in the process of ‘mining’ the digital currency ‘Bitcoin’, without revealing the identity of persons or the number of devices.

Customs sources told Al-Rai the experts from the Communications and Information Technology Authority who had been hired to ascertain the purpose of these devices, have confirmed that the seized devices can also be used in mining Bitcoin currency in addition to other uses.

The sources pointed out the concerned authorities have opened what they called “an extensive legal discussion” on how to deal with the issues.

It is believed the process of mining consumes a lot of energy, which makes Kuwait a prime target for such operations due to the cheap cost of electricity.

Nonetheless, the authorities will be looking into the legal aspect, if it is punishable to import such devices, especially after this process has become very difficult with the great technological development and the increase in the number of miners, and resorting to more than one method of mining, which increases the complexities of filing any accusations to the owners of these devices or releasing their devices.

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