Following the events that happened at the Central Prison after a decision to this effect was issued by the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to control the ‘unruly’ situation, protect prisoners and punishing anyone who misused power, the Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday those found ‘guilty’ have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

The ministry stated that the referral came upon the recommendation of the committee formed by Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to investigate the events that took place at the central prison last Tuesday, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Khaled had earlier issued a decision for arrest the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Private Security and Correctional Institutions Affairs, Major General Abdullah Saffah, and the Director-General of the General Department of Correctional Institutions, Brigadier General Fahd Al-Obeid on the heels of last Tuesday’s events.

The daily reported that procedures are continuing to instill security discipline, prevent any defect within the central prison, and establish transparency and apply the law to anyone who abuses power.

The sources indicated that, based on the directives of Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, the concerned inspection teams continued their tours of the central prison to inspect the conditions of the inmates and listen to their complaints or views, in addition to tightening procedures to prevent any forbidden items finding their way to the prisoners.

The sources indicated that the next stage will witness other measures related to improving the conditions of inmates in the wards and addressing the negatives, in addition to more decisions aimed at devoting human rights in coordination with the concerned state authorities, and periodic reports will be submitted to the Minister of Interior on all affairs of correctional institutions.

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