French Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E Claire Le Flecher said she expects Kuwait is to take delivery of the last four Caracal helicopters by the end of the year, said French Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. Claire Le Flecher. The aircraft form part of the original order for 30 Caracal helicopters that Kuwait placed with European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus in 2016.

Kuwait’s armed forces placed the order for 30 Airbus Caracal military helicopters from France, in a deal reported to be worth over US$1 billion, in August 2016, with deliveries to begin early in 2019. Kuwait armed forces have so far taken delivery of 26 Caracal helicopters that have been adapted and equipped to Kuwait’s specification. The long-range H225M tactical transport helicopters that are meant for use by the Kuwait Army and National Guard, can each seat 28 troops in addition to crew.

On another note, while speaking to the media, the French ambassador also noted the decision to exempt Kuwaitis from the ‘Schengen visa’ was evidence of the trust, friendship and solid relations between the European Union and Kuwait. She expressed her happiness at the announcement of this step during the French presidency of the European Union.

She added that the opening of the borders not only makes travel simpler for people, but also facilitates the trips of tourists and businessmen, which is very important and beneficial for the development of economic relations. “Exempting Kuwaitis from the Schengen visa,” she said, “can also have a very positive psychological effect, which makes us tangibly feel the presence of a rapprochement between our peoples.”

She went on to add, “We tested this strongly in Europe when we established the “free-trading” Schengen area, which did much to increase the sense of belonging to a collective European identity.”

Regarding the possibility of holding a French-Gulf summit similar to the US-Gulf summit, the French envoy stressed that the Gulf region remains, as it has always been, a strategic region for the world, and its security and stability are extremely important to all.

She noted that France considers the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, including Kuwait, to be valuable partners who can contribute significantly to solving various global and regional issues.

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