Last August 2022 the private sector’s deposits in foreign currencies increased by 2.6% to a value of 1.730 billion dinars, while they rose 6.3% compared to August last year and from the beginning of the year until the end of last August by 4.6%.

Total deposits in the banking sector, the private and government sectors, amounted to 40.034 billion dinars, compared to 37.297 billion dinars at the end of last December, reports a local Arabic daily.

In total, it can be noted that the volume of deposits in the banking sector increased from the beginning of the year by about 2.737 billion dinars, with a deposit of 342.1 million dinars per month.

In a related context, interbank deposit transactions jumped in just 473 million dinars, reaching 2.337 billion dinars in July 2022, while in August they amounted to 2.810 billion dinars, with a growth rate of 20.2% in just one month.

The volume of new loans injected by banks since the beginning of the year amounted to 3.056 billion dinars, as the total loans amounted to 51.346 billion dinars, with a growth in 8 months of 6.3%, as the balance in December last year reached 48.290 billion.

Securities financing transactions grew by 9.1% from the beginning of the year, rising from 2.8 billion dinars to 3.1 billion dinars. Despite market conditions, banks financed only 65 million securities purchases for the month of August.

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