Kuwait University announced that the satellite (KuwaitSat 1) is in its initial stage of early initial post-launch operations, during which the first signal is received.

The Director of the National Project (KuwaitSat 1) and Acting Head of the Physics Department at the College of Science at Kuwait University, Dr. Hala Al-Jassar, said in a statement to Al-Rai daily that this stage is an initial stage in which any satellite that orbits around the Earth and continues for a period of two to three months, reports Al-Rai daily quoting KUNA.

Al-Jassar added that at this stage, tests are being conducted on the satellite, and all its systems are calibrated, to ensure that they work well and perform their required function.

She stated that the communications of the technical team with the satellite are excellent and sends and receives signals from the ground station at the College of Science at Kuwait University.

She confirmed that the technical team works 24 hours a day to verify the safety of all (KuwaitSat 1) systems, such as (EPS) or the electronic energy system responsible for generating energy from solar cells and then storing it in the battery to be distributed to satellite systems.

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