Kuwait increased its holdings of US Treasury bonds during the first 9 months of this year by 7.5%, at a value of $3.5 billion, to reach $49.9 billion, compared to $46.4 billion at the end of December last year.

A local Arabic daily said Kuwait also increased its holdings of US bonds annually by $3.6 billion, or by 7.8%, compared to $46.3 billion in September of last year, while possession decreased on a monthly level by $1.1 billion, or by 2.1%, compared to $51 billion during last August according to data published on the US Treasury website.

Kuwait diversified from the US bond portfolio between short-term bonds at a value of $12.14 billion, while the largest proportion of long-term bonds remains at a value of $37.77 billion.

Kuwait ranked second in the Arab world, after Saudi Arabia, by acquiring US bonds worth $121 billion, which declined on a monthly basis compared to $122.1 billion last August, of which $102.88 billion were long-term bonds and $18.11 billion in short-term bonds.

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