The Environment Public Authority is coordinating with various organizations and authorities to minimize eruption of dust storms in Kuwait.Director General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah affirmed keenness on diminishing dust storms via afforestation.

Al-Sabah affirmed in a workshop organized by EPA, on Monday, that the authority is cooperating with several bodies for developing a new system and find environmentally friendly solutions to stabilize the soil and reduce sprawling of dust.

He added that EPA’s personnel are also working with the (Kuwaiti) Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources to plant trees in various areas to reduce dust occurring in Kuwait. Al-Sabah noted that regarding the seasonal fish death in Kuwait’s bay caused by oxygen depletion in the water, EPA is addressing the issue alongside the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Finance by developing ways for treating the water. – KUNA

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