The embassy of the State of Kuwait in Berlin Tuesday urged Kuwaiti citizens in Germany to comply with the new travel guidelines set by the German authorities. A statement by the embassy, obtained by KUNA, called on expired Schengen visa holders to leave German soil before to the end of September. Those seeking to stay in German must go through official channels to obtain residency, indicated the statement, adding that persons with expired Schengen visas — who could not leave the country due to special circumstances — were implored to contact the department of foreigners’ affairs to look into their individual cases.

The Germany Foreign Ministry, as of October, will issue new coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions connected with each pandemic-stricken country individually. The Kuwaiti embassy reiterated that the travel ban, instituted by German authorities, would remain as is, adding that people seeking travel to Germany must contact the European country’s embassies and diplomatic missions in their respective countries to view the latest guidelines.

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