Remitly, an online financial services company analysed and published a list of the most desired jobs around the world.The data was analysed and concluded through the Google search engine, which calculated the annual search volume of each country for ‘How to be [job]’.

According to the statistics, Kuwait’s most popular search was ‘How to be an Influencer?’ This comes as no surprise, given the rise in popularity of influencers and the expanding scope of Influencer Marketing, the newly emerged ‘profession’ which has become Kuwait’s favorite choice.

Influencers bring the glitz and glamor, the freedom to create your own content without barriers and the possibility of amassing a large audience online and gaining massive popularity on your own terms, making these the major reasons why becoming an influencer is preferred, dominantly by the Gen Z or the youth.

Remitly’s analysis further stated that GCC’s most desired occupation is being a poet, whereas South East Asia juggles between dietician, Youtuber and Police Officer, and USA’s most desired job is Pilot, while South America’s choices vary between Youtubers, influencers and Businessmen.

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