The Kuwaiti Sociologists Association, with the participation of government and civil organizations have launched an awareness-raising campaign under the slogan ‘Your life is dear – Suicides, Challenges and Treatments’ under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, in order to discuss the reasons for the increasing number of suicides among young people and teens in Kuwait during the Corona pandemic.

According to a local Arabic daily, the initiative aims to provide psychological and social support to citizens and residents, confront negative thoughts that lead to suicide, and work to reduce and eliminate them, with the participation of many authorities and specialists.

The head of the Preventive Psychological Committee, Dr. Wafa Al-Arada, said: “Suicide is a serious global phenomenon for public health, and according to the World Health Organization, more than 800,000 people die annually as a result of suicide in the world, aged between 15 to 29 years, in addition to the elderly.”

She explained that suicide occupies the second place in death rates, but is not considered a phenomenon in Kuwait, but rather a problem that must be addressed and solutions must be found.

For his part, the Assistant Director-General of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Security, Brigadier Mubarak Marji, said, “Security and safety occupy a prominent place in our contemporary society, due to their connection to our daily lives, including the safety of lives, tranquility of souls, and integrity of behavior,” stressing that “human life is dear and precious, and it is a great blessing from God, and that the phenomenon of suicide, which has recently increased in numbers threatens this blessing and requires confronting it.”

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