Kuwaiti photographer Mohamed Murad won the highest honorary award in the (Benjamin Mkapa) African wildlife photography competition, which was held recently in Kenya under the supervision of the African Wildlife Foundation and the American Nature Best competition.

Murad told Kuwait News Agency today that he won this award within the mobile photography axis, as he took a picture with his mobile phone of a tiger turtle called (Leopard) after he noticed it while traveling in Kenya in 2018, which is a wild tortoise that lives in the savannah and African plains, reports a local Arabic daily.

He stated 9,500 people from 57 countries participated in the competition this year and the results for the year 2022 were revealed at the Mkapa Awards Ceremony at the Nairobi Museum in Kenya. He indicated that the photo exhibition currently on display at the Nairobi Museum, comprising 77 printed images and four video clips.

Murad has won several awards and achieved first places in local and international competitions, most notably in Spain, Russia, America, France, India, Germany, Britain, the Emirates, Italy and the Netherlands.

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