FTSE Russel confirmed that the Kuwaiti market is keeping pace with all standards, including those related to the costs of settling troubled deals where an entire system has contributed to the completion of these proactive steps in a very record time, while revealing at the same time that the money market system has passed the new standards that preserve Kuwait’s position and weight in the emerging markets index.

The FTSE Emerging Markets report showed that the market system represented by the (Kuwait Markets and Stock Exchange Authority and Kuwait Clearing House) met the technical requirements specified to remain on the global index, reports a local Arabic daily.

Kuwait was among more than 26 countries placed on the watch list for the implementation of the requirements of the new standards by FTSE Russell, but it passed the matter with technical measures that attracted foreign investors. The countries that have not completed these standards include a number of developed and emerging countries.

According to the FTSE Russell indicators for global markets the countries that have not completed these standards include a number of developed and emerging countries according to the FTSE Russell indicators for global markets, including developed markets, such as France Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea as well as emerging markets such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, Mexico, China, the Kingdom Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Investment sources indicated that the proactive measures taken by the Kuwait Stock Exchange, including amending some rules, including reducing the trading premium for the compulsory purchase session from 5 percent to “zero” and other simple adjustments such as modifying deals, had a good resonance with foreign investors, especially those that follow the FTSE index.

The improvements and amendments implemented by the market organization came within the framework of the flexible policy adopted and the attractive openness of capital, and thus the interest in opening new horizons for the local, regional and international financial circles towards Kuwait.

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