The Bulgarian ambassador H E Dimitar Dimitrov, confirmed that every Kuwaiti or resident who has a visa issued by one of the “Schengen” countries can enter Bulgaria without the need for a Bulgarian visa, even though Bulgaria does not yet belong to the Schengen visa system.

Dimitrov added, in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of a concert he held at his residence, that his country has always called for the abolition of visas for Kuwaitis, and its position is very positive, but there are procedures related to the institutions of the European Union, namely the European Commission and the European Parliament, which approve the exemption of Kuwaiti citizens from the visa.

Regarding the issue of direct flight between the two countries, he explained that direct flight is one of the great interest for him, and that he seeks to revive this direct flights again, pointing out that there is an old agreement between Kuwait and Bulgaria in the field of aviation, and negotiations are still ongoing between the two countries with the aim of upgrading it.

The ambassador also touched on the issue of certificates issued by his country’s universities, stressing “the endeavor to have Bulgarian certificates accredited, because there are many Bulgarian citizens who work in Kuwait with their Bulgarian certificates, and there has never been any problem with their certificates, and until today there are no problems with our certificates.”

He added, “there are procedures in Kuwait to accredit Bulgarian degrees, and these procedures relate to the Ministry of Higher Education and the National Authority for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality in Kuwait, but we hope that Bulgarian universities and higher institutes will be accredited for study, especially since there are a number of Kuwaitis who graduated from Bulgarian universities in the field of medicine and made a significant contribution to the development of the health sector in Kuwait.

He continued, “Bulgaria is an excellent place for university studies, and the graduates of Bulgaria are Kuwaitis, who have already confirmed that the level of education in Bulgaria is very advanced, and the Bulgarian people are hospitable and happy to see friends from Kuwait study there.

In a message to investors Dimitrov said Kuwaiti investors were welcomed with the availability of many investment opportunities, pointing out that the cost of production in Bulgaria is very low, and it is considered the cheapest in the European Union, and the investor can reach out to the huge European market, and the income tax and corporate tax in Bulgaria It is very miniscule.

The Bulgarian ambassador revealed a huge presence of a Bulgarian opera troupe to Kuwait, and a series of concerts will be organized at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, in which a Bulgarian opera crew belonging will participate, along with a large number of international opera singers who will perform and help in bringing peoples together, and we always encourage our musicians and singers to participate in such events in Kuwait, which has always been very open to organizing such events.

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