The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah chaired the State of Kuwait’s delegation at the 48th ministerial session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), held in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on March 22-23.

The convening ministers have addressed a host of issues namely mounting challenges facing the Muslim nation, the Palestinian cause, combating terrorism, Islamophobia, in addition to beefing up coordination among the OIC member states.

During the session, the State of Kuwait was named, by unanimity, for a second term as head of the OIC- affiliated human rights commission, where conferees lauded its leading role at the international level for boosting human rights, basic rights, sovereignty of the law and promoting Islamic values.

Addressing the OIC session, the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser noted that the OIC was established 53 years ago in the aftermath of torching Al-Aqsa Mosque, affirming that it was set up to back the Palestinian people. He affirmed support for the Palestinians’ legitimate rights and their struggle to establish an independent state.

He lauded the pivotal role played by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, the UNWRA, for securing basic needs for the refugees.
On the Houthi militias’ terrorist attacks on Saudi Arabia and the UAE, he said these offenses are tantamount to a flagrant breach of the international and humane laws and constitute a threat to the region’s security and stability.

He called on the international community to bring into account culprits of these terrorist attacks, re-affirming Kuwait’s unwavering support for Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the minister re-affirmed backing for diplomacy intended to settle the Yemeni strife.
He declared support for the recent declaration by the GCC Secretariat General to host Yemeni-Yemeni consultations on March 29-April 7 to settle the crisis.

On Afghanistan, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad expressed deep concern at the aggravating humanitarian crisis in this country, urged for renouncing extremism, violence and bids to link up Islam with terrorism and hatred-fomenting rhetoric. He called upon Muslim nations to coordinate to cope with fallouts of the Ukrainian crisis. – KUNA

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