In response to concerns over the content on the TikTok application and its perceived negative impact on public morals, experts in Kuwait are highlighting the importance of digital awareness and parental responsibility in addressing the issue, reported Al-Rai Daily.

While there have been discussions about legal actions to block TikTok due to its alleged promotion of violence, bullying, and indecent content violating child rights laws, experts assert that merely blocking social media platforms without proper digital education and awareness will not effectively address the challenges at hand.

Shorouq Al-Sayegh, a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Information Technology Society, stressed the significance of parental responsibility in monitoring children’s online activities. She noted that the demand to block social media platforms would be ineffective if parents do not take an active role in educating themselves about digital safety and their children’s online behavior. Al-Sayegh pointed out that cyberspace offers a wide array of websites, games, and entertainment for children, and blocking a single platform like TikTok wouldn’t eliminate all potential risks. Instead, she emphasized that digital parental control and increasing parents’ awareness are crucial for addressing the challenges associated with raising children in the digital age.

Muhammad Al-Rashidi, the head of the Cybersecurity Committee at the Electronic Media Union, acknowledged the difficulty of blocking TikTok in Kuwait due to the high degree of freedom online. He noted that attempts to legally challenge global electronic networks have not always yielded successful outcomes.

In conclusion, Kuwaiti experts  underscore the need for educating parents about digital safety, as well as preparing individuals for the ongoing digital transformation of society.

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