Athlete Mohammed Burbayea’s Lifestyle Acts as Daily Inspiration

World Champion and Kuwaiti watersport athlete Mohammed Burbayea is inspired by his own lifestyle, and his home country, which is evident in his over a decade presence in the sport, his drive appears in everything he achieves.

Along with practice on the jet ski, his main focus remains on his weekly fitness routine.

“The biggest challenge is endurance and cardio capabilities.” Said Mohammed Burbayea, which is vital to his sport. He maintains a high level throughout the year, and averages 4 to 6 workouts a week. He continued by saying, “Riding a jet ski is one thing, and pro racing is a whole other thing. It requires a lot of effort and high energy levels.”

Professional jet ski athlete Mohammed Burbayea improves his cardio by running. He attributes his success to his devotion to the sport. Rarely is there a time where he isn’t trying to learn and improve. He actively trains in one aspect or another, to keep his fitness race ready.

His commitment to cardiovascular training doesn’t stop within the limitation of being indoors. Burbayea continues to exercise on the treadmill, bike, rowing machine or even by using the jump rope.

Mohammed is looking forward to competition season returning so he can continue to challenge himself to do better and be at the top of his discipline.

During his training season, should his motivation dwindle, he remembers the bigger picture and looks to other great athletes for inspiration. He advises young athletes to do the same. By adding athletic benchmarks, motivation is refreshed, and training can continue once more.

He explains, “I always make sure to have someone I look up to who has achieved success. They serve as my motivator and benchmark to the level I want to achieve. It is essential to keep in mind that we are constantly evolving and in order to continuously grow and improve, you need to provide yourself with the time for development.”

Having begun his foray into the sport at age 5, he has since shattered world records, including the number of total championships for a watersport moto-athlete. He hopes to continue to do what is required of him to elevate the sport and Kuwaiti athletics on the world stage for as long as he is able to.

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