The Kuwait University Council may approve the admission of foreign students to study at the College of Administrative Sciences, Engineering and Petroleum for the first time, based on the proposal submitted by the Vice-President for Planning at the University and is said to have prepared a list of rules regulating such admission in various disciplines.

The sources stated that the tuition fee for courses for foreign students will be 100 dinars for each subject, and indicated that during the meeting it was agreed to accept foreign students living in Kuwait in the first stage, while accepting students from outside Kuwait will be considered during the next stage, reports a local Arabic daily.

Meanwhile, the sources revealed that the Council has approved the admission of 7,953 male and female students for the academic year 2022-2023 based on the proposal submitted by the Deanship of Admission and Registration to accept students who applied for admission to Kuwait University for the first semester.

The details of admission are as follows — Medicine 165, Dentistry 60, Pharmacy 100, Allied Medical Sciences 310, Public Health 60, Law 450, Architecture 150, Science 1253, Engineering and Petroleum 900, Life Sciences 800, Administrative Sciences 950, Arts 1055, Education 950, Social Sciences 500, Sharia and Islamic Studies 250.

The sources announced the University Council’s approval of canceling the aptitude test requirement for admission to the College of Engineering and Petroleum is based on the proposal submitted by the National Union of Kuwait University Students submitted to the Dean of Admission and Registration and the Deanship of the College of Engineering and Petroleum.

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