The Kuwait University said following its keenness to establish a holding company with financial independence the University Council has finally given its nod.

According to the decision issued by the Acting Director of Kuwait University Dr. Bader Al-Badawi, a copy of which has been obtained by Al-Qabas, a working group has been formed to propose the strategic perspective of the financially independent holding company owned by the Kuwait University.

In addition to setting the strategic perspective of the company, the team is also concerned with proposing its articles of association, capital and organizational structure, in line with the vision of Kuwait 2035 and the vision and mission of the university.

The work team is headed by the Secretary-General of the University, with membership of the Vice-President of the University for Medical Sciences; the Deputy Director-General of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Dr. Saleh Al-Aqili; the Dean of the College of Administrative Sciences and the Dean of the College of Engineering and Petroleum in their capacity, and Dr. Anwar Al-Shariaan representing the Faculty Members Association, the University’s Assistant Secretary General for Financial Affairs, and a Senior Legal Specialist from the Office of the Rector of the University, Osama Abdullah. The team may seek the assistance of whomever it deems appropriate.

The decision stipulates the team must submit a final report to the university president no later than two months from the date of the decision, in preparation for presenting it to the university council.

Sources had previously informed Al-Qabas that the company’s most prominent goals are for the university to become financially independent and generate profits to spend on quality education, which is the case in most of the world’s most prestigious universities, as well as investing in the consulting, training and research sectors.

With the return of life and the start of traditional studies, the University Student Library Administration announced it will open its doors for University students, starting next Sunday, October 31, at its headquarters in Shuwaikh.

The library administration indicated the students will have to book via the ‘Mata’ platform (students only), and that it is not possible to receive non-Kuwait University students at the moment.

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