Chairperson of Kuwaiti Union of Women's Associations Sheikha Fadya Saad Al-Sabah addressing a news conference to announce festivities of "Kuwait Woman Day,"

Chairperson of Kuwaiti Union of Women’s Associations (KUWA) Sheikha Fadya Saad Al­Sabah appreciated Tuesday “historic endeavors” of the political leadership for the support of woman at different levels.

Sheikha Fadya was addressing a news conference to announce festivities of “Kuwait Woman Day,” due on May 16. She added May 16 reflected the “great confidence ability of woman in holding responsibility and contribute actively to development” of the country.

Kuwaiti women won their political rights during a historic parliamentary session on May 16, 2005, thus they became able to vote and run for elections, a great transformation in history of Kuwait, she said.

Sheikha Fadya said the festivities would feature the honoring of several women for their achievements and contributions which resulted in political rights. She said the event would include an exhibition and a seminar about scientific and cultural achievements of Kuwaiti women.

Sheikha Fadya said KUWA would coordinate with Ministry of Information to pubic Woman Magazine, which would highlight women issues and their role in society.

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