In light of the trend towards renewable energies and in line with the development plan, the concerned authorities in the country are working, according to the sustainable consumption and production report issued by the Environment Public Authority, to establish a water desalination center using renewable energy.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily, the project is concerned with research and development in the field of desalination technology using renewable energies. It is a strategic project that aims to achieve the vision development plan in the environmental and economic fields by reducing dependence on oil for future generations.

The value of the project is about 48 million dinars and is expected to be completed in 2025. The sources said that the project is based on establishing a factory to produce 36,000 bottles of water per hour from high-quality coastal wells and establishing a model plant to produce half a million imperial gallons of fresh water using alternative energy sources.

The project is also based on a training and educational center to raise awareness of the marine environment to create an attractive and sustainable scientific environment in the country.

The project also aims to improve Kuwait’s global environmental ranking by working to extract salt of high economic value from highly saline waters resulting from desalination, which contributes to economic growth.

During the project, the use of advanced technologies for water treatment and desalination, such as membranes, hybrid techniques, thermal methods, and others, will be applied in order to produce fresh water with a high production capacity at a low cost, as well as work on the commercial production of fresh water from coastal wells that are characterized by a stable temperature in accordance with international standards.

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