In an effort to strive for a sustainable environment and achieve Kuwait’s new vision, the Institute of Outstanding Achievement for Private Training and Administrative, Economic and Financial Consultation held an event on 21-25 August at the Radisson SAS Hotel, which was focused on organizing a program dedicated to the planning, organizing and preparing of conferences, exhibitions, and public events for employees of the Public Authority for Industry, in accordance with the international standard (ISO 20121).

It is the first institution in Kuwait to adopt staff training while following the specification of the international standard (ISO 20121) with regards to planning, organizing and preparing conferences, exhibitions and public events, a local Arabic paper reported.

According to Dr. Shihab Al-Othman, a sustainable development expert and director general of the Institute of Outstanding Achievement for Private Training and Administrative, Economic and Financial Consultations, the aim of this program is to see all the new methods of work, particularly the process of planning, organizing, events and conferences and managing them in a sustainable manner based on international standards. He also indicated that such standards must be adopted to attain a sustainable environment and to preserve environmental and social resources.

Al-Othman also stressed that in order to achieve the New Kuwait Vision 2035, it is essential to raise development indicators, achieve sustainable development goals, and encourage public sector institutions, private sector companies, civil society organizations, and educational institutions to build efficient systems for sustainable production and consumption towards achieving goal 12 of the “Sustainable Development Goals” by ensuring sustainable consumption and production. He mentioned that it is similarly important to spread the culture of sustainable consumption among the various sectors of society, and enable the target groups to attain tangible progress for the protection of the environment.

The ISO 20121 standard, according to Al-Othman, helps reduce the negative effects of events while taking advantage of their positive outcomes. He explained that one of the benefits of the ISO 20121 standard is to improve efficiency in all sectors as it is also a flexible application that allows all facilities to implement a sustainable event management system. Some of the benefits include clarity of purpose and strategy, which leads to a more active and affiliated workforce, more integrated management and shared thinking, which leads to improved efficiency and stronger teamwork.

Al-Othman expressed appreciation to the management of the Public Authority for Industry for adopting valuable programs that could aid in achieving Kuwait’s vision and sustainable development goals in international forums, as well as, preserving environmental resources.

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