Google Cloud has sealed a strategic alliance with the Kuwaiti government to develop a roadmap for a comprehensive digital transformation program in government agencies and key state-owned companies. A local news agency indicated that the alliance will gear up the government with innovative Google Cloud technology and data expertise, as well as cyber security and artificial intelligence, to fulfill the country’s long-planned digital transformation.

Google Cloud will work within the framework of the strategic alliance with the government to digitize citizen services and increase the productivity of government employees. In addition, the company will participate in implementing several digital transformation initiatives in healthcare, education, disaster recovery, and smart living. In cooperation with the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority, the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, and the Central Agency for Information Technology, the US-based company intends to establish a local office and modern cloud area to meet the wide demand for its services. The report specified that the new cloud computing area will support public sector institutions, businesses and startups to transform the country into a data-based economy.

CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurien, said in a statement that the strategic contract supports Kuwait Vision 2035, which aims to transform the country into a digital society and diversify its economy.  Google Cloud will cooperate with the Central Authority for Information Technology (CAIT) to launch a national skills program to cultivate government employees in digital technologies, advanced data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and information security solutions. Furthermore, the new cloud region aims to support the Kuwaiti government and other Google Cloud customers in the country to manage digital business tasks efficiently and enable them to securely store important data.

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