Kuwait has set February 19, 26 and 27 as public holidays marking the separate occasions of Al-Israa wal Miraaj (Prophet’s Ascension) as well as National Day and Liberation Day, the Civil Service Commission said on Monday.

Al-Israa wal Miraaj, which is actually on February 18, a Saturday, is already a rest day, therefore it will be replaced as a holiday by the new date. National Day also falls on a Saturday, which is why the following Monday will be given to compensate for the rest day.

The decision applies to “all ministries, government agencies, public bodies and institutions,” read a CSC statement, with official working hours set to resume afterward. The move comes after a Cabinet decision, taken at its meeting today, CSC Undersecretary Abeer Al-Duaij said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, she added that government bodies with a “special work nature” will be determined by their internal management, taking public interest into consideration. – KUNA

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